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Бесплатное тестирование по английскому языку.

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Бесплатное тестирование

Тест по английскому языку

Пройдите  бесплатный тест по английскому,
который поможет определить Ваш уровень знания языка (для подростков от 14 лет и взрослых).

Выберите правильный вариант:

1. Kate________ a teacher.


2. Vienna is __________ city in Austria.

3. A: _________Italian food?

      B: Yes, I do.

4.A: Was Shakespeare a painter?

      B: No, he________ .

5. There isn’t ________milk in the fridge..

6. _________up early yesterday morning?

7. A: How much is the camera?

      B:__________ .

8. My cousin ______________ the University in 1996.

9. John isn’t Alice’s_________ . They aren’t married.

10. They_________ at home last night.

11. I___________ to my brother right now.

12. __________ to stay home and watch TV.

13. Helena has never_________ to Australia.

14. A:____________

      B: Sure. Good idea.

15. A:_______________

      B: Well, we could go swimming.

16. I don’t like preparing food, but I like___________ in restaurants.

17. I expected __________ Ann at the party.

18. We were___________ during the film. It wasn’t interesting.

19. I’m thinking________ to Japan next year.

20. One day, I hope_________ China.

21. If I ___________travelling, I’ll send you lots of postcards.

22. In the future, cities_________ on Mars .

23. A: What are your symptoms?


24. By next year she ___ a mother.

25. If I had asked the way, I ___got lost.

26. The sign says No smoking. We__________ to smoke here.

27. A: How long have you___________ English?

      B: For about six years.

28. If__________ told me about your problems, I’d have helped.

29. I saw Mrs Jones yesterday. She asked me _______________hello to you.

30. A lot of people visited the art gallery to see the painter’s___________ .

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